Fashion of the Field winner, Tracy Hickson.
Fashion of the Field winner, Tracy Hickson. Bruce Thomas

Fantastic fashions on the field

SEVEN couples took to the stage, parading in their classic, complementing and colour-matched outfits.

With Cup Day spotters selecting only those who fit the winter carnival brief, the line up was stylish, sophisticated and ready to contend for the title of “Best Dressed Couple”.

Advocate judge Jodie Crane gave insight into how the winners were chosen.

“We used set criteria which meant the qualifiers were restricted,” Ms Crane said.

She said outfits had to be winter carnival appropriate, with dresses knee-length and ladies wearing hosiery and closed in shoes.

After a few laps of the runway couples waited anxiously for the announcement.

Tracey Hickson and John Hynes were presented with a huge bouquet of flowers and golden sashes declaring their elevated Cup Day Status.

Ms Hickson said she owns RSVP Bridal and Formal Wear and grabbed what was left after her stock was raided by fashion-focused-cup-goers.

“It’s a great feeling to win and even better knowing I’m wearing labels from my own store.”

“I’m all about buying local and I grabbed this dress of the rack pretty last minute.”

Mr Hynes said it was it was worth wearing a suit in the sun to score his “maiden victory”.

Claire Atkinson was judging and said the winning couple were chosen for their “impeccable matching of colour” and classic look.

Judge Vanessa Kennedy was impressed with how they carried themselves and said they were “winter carnival appropriate”.

“They had excellent deportment, were well-groomed and matched beautifully,” Mrs Kennedy said.

Tracey Hickson was a true attention-getter on Thursday, also taking the crown for “Best Dressed Lady”.

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