Veteran Jetty Ocean Swim competitors Greg Swan and Kevin Plummer test the Jetty waters.
Veteran Jetty Ocean Swim competitors Greg Swan and Kevin Plummer test the Jetty waters. Bruce Thomas

Jetty Swim is all about fun

AFTER 100 per cent participation in previous Jetty Ocean Swims, Kevin Plummer and Greg Swan have many tales to tell.

The only swimmers recorded to have completed all 12 events, both will return to the water for the 13th time on March 6 for the Beachside Radiology Swim.

“Mick Maley did a fantastic job organising but the very first event had a few teething problems,” Plummer said.

“Nobody realised until we got into the water that the orange-coloured buoys were very similar up close to the caps worn by almost every swimmer.

“So when people were half-way through a stroke and looked up, all they could see were these orange things bobbing up all over the place.

“Suddenly, you had people confused and going in all directions.

“It was just so incredibly funny but set the scene for all the swims to come.

“The thing is to have fun and leave winning to those who take it seriously.”

Swan recalled another humorous ‘Maley-ism’ from the early days.

“We were all lined up to go when Mick suddenly said, ‘everyone wearing a wetsuit has to start at the back’ and again, there were people running around all over the place,” he laughed.

“I don’t know how that slipped through because soon after wetsuits were banned completely.

“Another time they took a printing machine down to the beach so that they could run off certificates for all the starters and hand them out on the spot.

“It was a great idea – until this huge wind blew up out of nowhere and sent sand into the machine and made an awful mess.

“But that was the thing about it – Mick had a great idea and it’s always been a great event everybody loves.

“Nobody really minds the little things and it’s why we keep doing it every year.”

Swan’s best finishing positions have been 14th in the 2km long course and 7th in the 600m short course event.

“What I aim at is to do well in my age category,” he said.

“But now that I’m 33, it’s getting harder with the young blokes catching up.”

Plummer tried to beg off revealing his best finish and claims his focus is always simply to get to the end.

“Maybe; it’s good to find out I’ve finished mid-range in my age division,” he added.

“There was one year I seem to recall coming in 19th against blokes the same age as me but that was a bit out of the ordinary.

“I probably did an extra training swim before the race that year.”

Entry forms for this year’s event can be downloaded from

Cash will hit the winner’s pockets and random prize draws will be made on the day, including overseas travel packages from Jetset and a variety of accommodation and holiday packages.

Proceeds of the event will go to local surf lifesaving clubs and many charities and community organisations.

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