Billionaire tradie lives in 3 bedroom Tewantin rental

WHEN it comes to home life Noosa's so-called billionaire tradie Phillip Jonathan Harrison doesn't seem to be living the high life. 

The man who told police he had a property portfolio worth $12 billion rents a 30-year-old, three-bedroom home in Tewantin. 

The house costs Mr Harrison a few hundred dollars a week, Brisbane Times reports, despite claims he was rich enough to be among Australia's 100 wealthiest people. 

It is believed Mr Harrison used a phone app that mimics the Commonwealth Bank website to convince a lawyer of his wealth.

Mr Harrison appeared in court during the Easter weekend on drug charges.

He was released on bail and is due to face court again on April 18.

Phillip Johnathan Harrison, 29, of Tewantin, has appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court.
Phillip Johnathan Harrison, 29, of Tewantin, has appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court.


THE mystery of the billionaire tradie from the Sunshine Coast has taken a strange new turn after his lawyer vouched for his client, saying he saw the $596m sum when he viewed the account from his own phone.

It follows revelations on Monday that so-called billionaire tradie Phillip Johnathan Harrison may have used a bank-mimicking app on his phone to appear to be wildly wealthy.

Harrison's court appearance over the Easter weekend captured the attention of Australia after he was forced to surrender his passport after he admitted he had $596 million in cash, in a Commonwealth Bank account.

He also told police he had a property portfolio worth $12 billion.

On Monday, he used a reporter's phone to login to his bank account to give a true indication of his financial affairs.

It showed the $596 million was gone, now showing it was overdrawn by $42.57.

Nevertheless, the same reporter saw he had a portfolio worth $2.1 million, mostly property investments.

He told A Current Affair he won the money overseas before changing his story.

"Sorry, not won it," he told ACA.

"I earn it all overseas, through ideas and apps. I've been working on it for years."


Phillip Harrison, the so-called
Phillip Harrison, the so-called "billionaire tradie" of Tewantin Facebook


IT WAS the question that dominated the Easter weekend across Australia.

How did a Tewantin tradie end up with $590 million - in cash - in his bank account?

Phillip Johnathan Harrison of Noosa was picked up by police on Friday driving an Audi, and was allegedly busted with a quantity of drugs: namely ice and ecstacy.

The somewhat mundane drug bust story took a bizarre turn after Harrison told police he was worth $12 billion and his duty lawyer Nick Hanly told the court his client might require a mental health assessment.

The drug-using Harrison then showed the lawyer his bank account, registering $596 million plus an extensive property portfolio.

Based on Forbes Asia's lastest estimates, that kind of money alone - and not including purported property assets - would put him just beyond Australia's 50 richest people beneath 64-year-old Flight Centre founder Geoff Harris.

Not bad for a 29-year-old tradie, right?

Harrison wouldn't discuss his wealth at the time but now metro media believes it has solved the conundrum.

The Courier-Mail is reporting Harrison is believed to have used a phone app that mimics the Commonwealth Bank website. He then used this app to convince the lawyer of his wealth, the newspaper reports.

When he faced court in Brisbane last week, the unexplained wealth cost him his passport as the police prosecutor warned he had means to flee the country.

Harrison is due to face court again on April 18.

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