Oh, oh, oh no ... women faking it

ALMOST half of all sexually active women in Australia never or rarely achieve orgasm during sex, while 63 per cent of women are 'faking it' in the bedroom, based on new independent research just released by the Advanced Medical Institute (AMI).

The study, conducted by independent polling firm Galaxy Research found the main reasons women fake orgasms is to get the sex over and done with (35 per cent), to make their partner feel better about themselves (34 per cent), to not offend their partner (33 per cent), and so they don't have to explain they are not sexually satisfied (24 per cent).

And if that isn't shocking enough:

  • Four in five (79 per cent) sexually active women say their sex life is not as good as they would like it to be.
  • 56 per cent of sexually active women say their relationship would benefit if they were able to achieve orgasm or orgasm more frequently.
  • One in three women rarely or never achieve an orgasm through vaginal sex. This equates to 1.8 million Australian women.

Recognising the extent of this serious problem, AMI has just launched its new comprehensive Women's Sexual Health Program, which seeks to help women all over the world by providing them with the medical means of reaching orgasm.

A leading AMI doctor working for the program, Dr. Chris Fenton, said AMI's priority is to help these women experiencing problems reaching orgasm, many of whom actually believe it is not physically possible for them.

“This research is extremely powerful and further strengthens our belief that this program will help a great number of Australian women, particularly post-natal women experiencing a loss of libido after having a baby,” said Dr. Fenton.

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