Oakeshott calls on Hartsuyker to release campaign costs

ROB Oakeshott has released detailed costings of his election campaign in a move to put a National Party smear campaign against him "to bed".

Mr Oakeshott - who ran as an independent at last week's election - said claims he was running "as a money grab" were false and had potentially cost him votes at the ballot box.

While votes are yet to be finalised in Cowper, it is expected Mr Oakeshott will earn about $67,000 for his share of the primary vote.

But Mr Oakeshott said he had spent $52,300 in his three-week campaign and the $14,700 surplus would be channelled into "a long-term campaign" as well as recontesting the next federal election.

He said the figures showed claims levelled by the Nationals "were false".

"The central theme of their campaign was to 'spit on Oakeshott' and I believe that worked," he said.

"I do think some people walked into the ballot box and were swayed by it - it was a vote-harvesting exercise."

Mr Oakeshott has now called on the National Party and Federal Member for Cowper Luke Hartsuyker to match his disclosure.

"I think I'm being very conservative in saying they spent at least $750,000 on their campaign, so let's see whether they're willing to discuss their finances after such a heavy-handed onslaught."

Mr Hartsuyker said: "MrOakeshott can do what he wishes, but (the National Party) would be making all relevant disclosures as required by law."

Disclosure of campaign costs are not required until after votes are finalised.

No detailed figures are readily available from the previous federal election in 2013, but Australian Electoral Commission figures show parties spent a combined $193.8million.

Despite his unsuccessful bid, Mr Oakeshott said the swing towards him indicated "a strong mood of change" in the community.


Oakeshott's campaign costs

$5000 on how-to-vote cards

$3500 on t-shirts

$5700 on corflute posters

$24,000 on advertising

$1000 small expenses

$1100 on stickers

$3000 on events and bookings

$2000 on fuel

$2000 on social media advertising

$5000 on volunteer costs

Total: $52,300

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