47-hour rave angers neighbours

A MARATHON 47-hour rave party near Tyndale at the weekend may have given the hundreds of guests who turned up a buzz but it left neighbours tired and angry.

Police were called to a property near Tyndale numerous times between 6pm Friday and Sunday afternoon after more than 400 people gathered for a party.

Every time police responded and shut the party down, it would begin again shortly after until finally, about 5pm Sunday, police threats of obtaining a warrant and confiscating the party’s sound equipment brought the party, which had by then thinned out to about 100 people, to a reluctant close.

While it may have been a fun time for those present, having less fun were neighbours, several of which have since contacted The Daily Examiner voicing their anger at the party and its organisers.

One of those neighbours was Bob Coy, who said he had not slept at all between Friday morning and Sunday night due to the “thump-thump mindless dirge” of the party’s techno music.

“It kicked-off on Friday night at about 6pm. I’d just done a day’s work so I was already pretty stuffed,” Mr Coy said.

“We’re only about 600 metres away from it and, honestly, I had earplugs in, the missus had earplugs in and we could still feel our eardrums vibrating, you know?

"I ended-up wearing ear plugs and mufflers and you could still feel this music. It was horrendous.”

Mr Coy said on Saturday he called the police for the first of many times during the 47-hour period.

“I rang the police early Saturday morning. They tried to shut it down and then we got loads of abuse – there was chanting like ‘f*** off Coy’ and all those sorts of nice things out in the paddock,” he said.

Several wayward party-goers even turned up on his property at one point on Saturday night, with one man, who Mr Coy described as being “drugged off his skull”, refusing to leave.

After the man eventually moved on, Mr Coy, fearing for his family’s safety, said he called his dogs inside and locked the house for the rest of the night.

In the morning, he found fences on his property had been damaged or even pushed over.

Residents in Tucabia, Cowper, Brushgrove and other surrounding areas also reported being able to hear the rave throughout the weekend.

But it wasn’t just nearby residents miffed with the party. Units from Grafton police were repeatedly called to the scene, stretching already tight police resources.

Des Schroder, deputy general manager of Clarence Valley Council, was concerned to hear about the party and said events involving such a number of people technically needed council approval – something which he said wasn’t obtained by the organisers of the Tyndale rave.

“Basically, by definition, anything that’s an activity – and you could say this was a pretty big one – is going to impact on roads, it impacts on sewerage, there are all sorts of issues to think about,” Mr Schroder said.

“I mean, we’re not talking about household parties in the backyard here, but we hear this one was about four or five hundred people.”

Mr Schroder said there were proper avenues to go down in hosting an event like the one at Tyndale which took into consideration the local environment, infrastructure and roads, along with the possible impacts on neighbours.

“Anybody holding an event with significant numbers of people needs to come to council for an approval and quite often it’s a very simple approval,” he said.

The Daily Examiner’s attempts to contact the rave party’s organisers for comment yesterday were unsuccessful.

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