Noise and dust at Opal Cove irks neighbours

CONSTRUCTION at Opal Cove Resort is making life in Korora a nightmare, according to the resort's neighbours.

Residents of James Small Drive at Korora say heavy construction traffic on the road regularly covers their homes with dust and the noise is unbearable.

Investigations by the Advocate found that in a 10-minute period, the access point on James Small Drive saw six trucks going in and out, which raised enough dust to coat a parked car on the opposite side of the street.

“This nauseating, noisy procession goes on relentlessly all day,” a resident said.

“They (the trucks) refuse to use their own entrance to the resort and we're tired of it, it's the bane of our existence.

“Opal Cove should be tolerating the inconvenience, not its surrounding neighbours.”

The trucks are part of a development of 11 townhouses currently under way on the ocean side of Opal Cove Resort that started in August 2008 and is due for completion in May 2009.

A spokeswoman for Opal Cove Resort said a separate company is doing the construction, though she would not name the company.

A spokesperson for the builders said the main contractor has been requested to continually water the roads to avoid dust and minimise noise.

He said the access on James Small Drive was approved by Coffs Harbour City Council as the only access for construction.

The spokeswoman for Opal Cove Resort said the resort is mindful of its neighbours and have attempted, wherever possible, to minimise the disturbance.

“At the same time we are intent upon growing the numbers of visitors to Coffs in order that we and the community as a whole will benefit.”

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