No winners as brawl lands teen in court

THERE were no winners in a brawl between a teen and a 57-year-old man with one landing in court and the other receiving painful injuries.

Robert Nelson Millar, now 18, was 17 last year in January when the incident took place in Bundaberg.

Crown prosecutor Shauna Rankine yesterday told Bundaberg District Court Millar had done yard work for the 57-year-old man, but the teen had stopped doing the work and they stopped talking.

But when the teen was out walking his dog and went past the older man's house on January 30, 2012, they exchanged heated words over the whereabouts of a stockwhip the 57-year-old man claimed Millar had borrowed and never returned. Millar told the man where he could "shove it".

Ms Rankine said Millar, who pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm, left the scene but later returned with his mum.

The situation quickly escalated with Millar's mum and the man's wife getting into a fight while Millar and the man fought nearby.

"The defendant got the better of the fight being the younger and stronger of the two," Ms Rankine said.

"It is unclear who threw the first blow."

During the scuffle in which punches and kicks were thrown, they both fell through the neighbour's fence and in the process of twisting and falling down, the older man's ankle was broken.

Ms Rankine said the man still experienced pain and stiffness in the injured ankle.

Defence barrister Julie Sharp said Millar said the older man had followed the teen down the street during the first encounter and that his mum was upset by the initial confrontation.

"His mother feels dreadful about returning to the house," she said.

"In his words, it's been a very scary experience."

Ms Sharp said it was very unlikely that the remorseful teen would ever come before the courts again.

Judge Brad Farr said both men had acted "irresponsibly and immaturely".

He sentenced the teen to 18 months' jail suspended immediately for two years.

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