No shade thrown on shutdown routine

Health and fitness: Working hard and having a strong work ethic is something to strive for. At the same time, balance is very important, as is giving ourselves time to rest mentally and emotionally from the rigours of our work.

This disconnection from our work allows us to better connect and engage in other people and things we love.

It is our own egos that expect us to be continually connected to our work, no one and nothing else.

Let us structure our primary work hours, leave the office and leave our work and work mind there, where it belongs.

This will starve the distraction and feed more focus to other areas of our lives, such as family and our passions, and drive productivity.

How can we achieve this? With a daily "shutdown” routine.

Made popular by author Cal Newport, a shutdown routine is a daily ritual in which we can switch ourselves off from work when it is time.

It is a strategy to prevent our work-related anxieties and a ruminating mind.

Schedule your shutdown from work, highlight the exact time you want to leave the office and give yourself 15 minutes to shut down.

Within this time review your day's efforts and where you stand with your important tasks and projects. With this information, plan your efforts and tasks for tomorrow and the rest of the week. With this done you can trust yourself that everything required of you has a thought-out plan and you can pick it all up tomorrow, including calls, texts and emails.

To add conclusion to your work day, Newport suggests following this by shutting everything down, computer and mind, with a mantra such as "shutdown complete”.

When stray worries, deadlines and work events enter your mind, pay attention to them and remind yourself that these worries exist but you wouldn't have been able to shut down earlier if these were not managed by a plan.

Shutdown is a very simple routine that can go a long way with improving our connections and relationships with the people and things we love, limiting our distractions, improving rest and driving productivity in our life's craft.

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