No Noddies in the Derby Dolls

THERE was no sign of Barbie, Ken or Skipper.

But the Coffs Coast Derby Dolls packed out Sportz Central for the first local roller derby event held since at least the 1960s when the sport was an action-packed spectacle on NRN 11-8 television.

Dolls' spokesperson Mel Schweickle said it was a massive success with more than 500 people in attendance.

“The grandstand was full and the ‘suicide seating' – sitting on the floor on the edge of the derby track – was packed out, too,” she said.

“Those amazing Sun State Roller Girls came down to introduce the Coffs Coast locals to the ‘growingly' popular sport of roller derby and there were plenty of thrills, spills, falls and fast-paced action to keep the crowd on the edge.

“Everyone who came along left with a smile on their face and a yearning to see another game.”

To warm up the crowd for the main event there was a performance by local band, Bennji, the Coffs Coast Community Circus and a choreographed skate by the Derby Dolls themselves.

Spectators were entertained during the warm-up and half-time break with regular commentary to explain the rules and tactics of the game.

“Although the Derby Dolls won't be fully up to gaming standard for a few months yet, we intend to have future events to keep Coffs posted,” Schweickle added.

“You might notice us skating around the town, so give us a wave or a toot.”