Woolworths goes online

SUPERMARKET shoppers in Coffs Harbour will be able to shop from home today as Woolworths becomes the first major supermarket to roll out online shopping to the Mid North Coast.

The national chain is promising supermarket quality produce, cheap delivery charges and personal service all the way to the kitchen bench.

Customers will be able to log onto the new website Woolworths.com.au, search the supermarket aisles, place their order and get their food delivered.

The retailer is promising a reliable, simple-to-use service with delivery prices cheaper than other full-sized online grocery retailers.

“Woolworths.com.au is a proven service that is already a favourite for customers in Newcastle, Sydney and Brisbane so it’s a pleasure to be able to bring our full-sized supermarket to the desktops of shoppers along the Mid North Coast,” said Barrie Wilson, Mid North Coast Area Manager for Woolworths.

Mr Wilson said that Woolworths.com.au had on average 3000 specials online each week, that are identical to prices in store.

“With Woolworths.com.au featuring thousands of specials online as well as great delivery rates, I’m confident customers will recognise that online grocery shopping can be a fantastic alternative,” he said.

“Woolworths.com.au also goes the extra mile with delivery drivers more than happy to bring your shopping straight to your kitchen bench.”

When customers go online their orders will be sent to actual Woolworths stores in the region for dedicated staff to pick, pack and deliver.

“Woolworths’ online customers can be confident their food is being picked and packed from the same shelves and aisles that customers browse through every day,” added Mr Wilson.

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