Ray Mayer has been without a business telephone for six months.
Ray Mayer has been without a business telephone for six months.

No lines, so Ray waits for a phone

ALL Ray Meyer wants is a telephone.

But after six months of excuses, Mr Meyer's Isle Drive business OzPrintShop is still without a business phone and it's costing him money, time and - bit by bit - his sanity.

“It's frustrating because all they can tell me is the same thing, that there's not enough cable in the ground,” Mr Meyer said.

“I've been trying since May and now they tell me it will happen at the end of December.

“If I'd known I wouldn't be able to get a phone put on, I would have set up my business elsewhere.”

The shortage of phone lines means Mr Meyer can't have a fax, EFTPOS or broadband internet, and his business calls are being diverted to a mobile phone, which results in coverage issues in certain areas of his shop.

“I'm losing work because if I don't pick up the mobile, the calls go through to message bank and some people don't leave messages,” he said.

“I've had to buy a mobile EFTPOS machine and my internet is run through the Colourworks Building network, which opens up privacy issues because my business files can be looked at by anyone in the building, and my fax is being run from a remote location.”

Mr Meyer said he's not the only business affected by the shortage of lines. He has seen a Telstra power box that had 20 tags designating people waiting to be connected to services on Isles Drive.

Mr Meyer has contacted the NSW Ombudsman, who is investigating the issue and looking at a compensation claim.

A spokesperson for Telstra said business customers in Isles Drive are unable to be connected to the fixed line network because there is no additional capacity on the current infrastructure.

“Telstra has a major cabling project in place, which when completed, will deliver voice services to businesses in Isles Drive,” the spokesperson said.

“The project is expected to be completed by the end of next week.”

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