Race 3 at Calliope was won by Hard Stride ridden by Sophie Wilcock.
Race 3 at Calliope was won by Hard Stride ridden by Sophie Wilcock. Matt Taylor GLA290619HORSE

No chocolates for Gladstone horse trainers

HORSE RACING: Gladstone trainers did not fare well in the running of the Calliope Jockey Club 107th Gold Cup on Saturday.

In what was meant to be a five-race card, racing was abandoned after jockey Gemma Steele fell off her horse Party Pardee after the completion of race three's 1000-metre Rayment Excavations Open Plate.

A sink hole had developed close to after the finish line believed to be from a burst underground pipe.

After a meeting with Calliope Jockey Club staff and stewards, it was decided that the track had been deemed to be too dangerous for racing to continue.

Calliope Jockey Club president Jim Neill-Ballantine could not be contacted late yesterday, but publicity officer Judy Hughes said aside from the incident, it had been a great day.

"It was such a fun day," she said.

"It was just unfortunate that this had to happen and the stewards said that there was no guarantees that there would not be more sink holes around the track.

"So it was decided to abandon the final two races."

As for the actual races, Gladstone trainer Phillip Pengelly's Allisam finished sixth behind winner Craiglea Simmo.

Pengelly's Child Support finished fourth in the Ulton Qtis Maiden Plate (race two) while fellow Gladstone trainer Denis Schultz's Lucifer's Angel was last in race three's Rayment Excavations Open Plate.


Race 1 - 1:24PM IRONMONGER SHIPPING Class 3 Plate (1000 METRES)

1 3 CRAIGLEA SIMMO Krystle Johnston Robert Faehr 1 58.5kg $9

2 2 BRUTUS Patrick Sexton Hannah English (a0/48kg) 0.1L 3 58.5kg $1.60F

3 1 KARMA FORCE Troy Pascoe Miss Sophie Wilcock (a3/55.5kg) 0.2L 2 60kg (cd 57kg) $4.60

4 4 PLAYBOOK (NZ) Kim McGovern Shane McGovern 1.45L 5 58kg $10

5 5 FAIRFACTS Bill Dale Ms Gemma Steele 1.75L 7 57kg $9

6 8 ALLISAM Phillip Pengelly Ms Kelly Gates 3.75L 6 56.5kg $5

7 6 HOVE ACTUALLY Rodney Hay Ms Hannah Phillips (a0/54kg) 3.95L 4 57kg $9

Race 2 - 2:01PM ULTON QTIS Maiden Plate (1000 METRES)

1 2 WHENEIM Bob Murray Ms Minonette Kennedy (a3/53kg) 6 58.5kg (cd 55.5kg) $3.70

2 6 ISIS JECTALE QTIS Bonus Scheme Kevin J Miller Miss Sophie Wilcock (a3/55.5kg) 0.1L 2 56kg (cd 53kg) $2.20F

3 10 CRAIGLEA LIZZY QTIS Bonus Scheme Krystle Johnston Robert Faehr 0.4L 7 54.5kg $6

4 13e CHILD SUPPORT QTIS Bonus Scheme Phillip Pengelly Ms Gemma Steele 1.65L 4 58kg $4

5 11e KEODOR QTIS Bonus Scheme Craig Smith Shane McGovern 2.9L 1 58.5kg $11

6 7 MISS NASTY QTIS Bonus Scheme Andrew Suli Ms Hannah Phillips (a0/54kg) 3.1L 3 56kg $6.50

7 8 BRIGALOW QUEEN QTIS Bonus Scheme Glenn Richardson Hannah English (a0/48kg) 5.1L 8 54.5kg $3.80

8 12e HUMP DE BUMP QTIS Bonus Scheme Shawn Geritz Ms Kelly Gates 8.35L 9 56kg $21

LR 14e PRINCESS RACER QTIS Bonus Scheme Malcolm Bailey Richie Oakford 5 56.5kg $10


1 2 HARD STRIDE Jason Judge Miss Sophie Wilcock (a3/55.5kg) 2 60.5kg (cd 57.5kg)

2 6 STELLA'S DREAM Glenn Richardson Hannah English (a0/48kg) 1.25L 3 53kg $1.60F

3 1 EXECUTED Krystle Johnston Robert Faehr 3.75L 4 60.5kg $4.20

4 3 NICCO'S LASS Bevan Johnson Ms Minonette Kennedy (a3/53kg) 3.85L 1 58.5kg (cd 55.5kg) $3.80

5 7 DAVE'S VALOR Andrew Hayward Ms Kelly Gates 5.6L 6 53kg $13

6 4 PARTY PARDEE Andrew Suli Ms Gemma Steele 6.6L 7 55kg (cd 55.5kg) $21

7 8 LUCIFER'S ANGEL Denis Schultz Ms Hannah Phillips (a0/54kg) 7.6L 5 53kg (cd 54.5kg) $51

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