Nigel's revved up for repairs

Arnetts Mower and Small Motors Service proprietor Nigel Rosser diagnoses a mower’s troubles.
Arnetts Mower and Small Motors Service proprietor Nigel Rosser diagnoses a mower’s troubles. Trevor Veale

ROARING lawnmowers are one of the sounds of summer that can even drown out the cacophony of cicadas on the Coffs Coast.

Mowing the lawn is a weekly affair and woe betides the home owner if his or her trusty grass-muncher stops in its tracks.

Nigel Rosser, who owns Coffs Harbour’s Arnetts Mower and Small Motor Repair Service, knows all about that.

Back from a Christmas holiday with his family, Mr Rosser opened his roller doors to find mowers parked on his driveway with labels attached listing their symptoms; phones ringing; and customers lined-up.

“It’s a bit mad in here,” he said, between dispensing spare parts and two-stroke oil and providing advice.

“It gets really full on at this time of year when you can get 10 to 20 jobs in one day.”

Pull cords, fuel problems and stop switches are frequent problems.

People who don’t read the instruction manual, can’t start their mower or can’t rewind the cord on their brush cutter also end up on his doorstep.

Mr Rosser says customers often don’t tell the truth about the condition of their mower – or they blame someone else.

“The biggest thing is: ‘I lent it to a mate and this is how it came back’,” he said.

The omission can cost him plenty of extra time diagnosing the real problem.

He said mowers were a lot easier to deal with than the massive truck engines he first trained on in England.

While he works on everything from lawn tractors and mowers through water pumps, generators and chainsaws, Mr Rosser said many brush cutters were ‘a nightmare’.

“I basically repair anything no matter how old or how difficult.

“I prefer to work on old machines rather than some of these new ones that are rubbish, made cheaply with metal and springs that bend and twist.”

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