Nice clean birds are fowls

IF you have ever wondered why the prize-winning fowls in the cages at the poultry show have such vivid colours and iridescent feathers, it is no accident.

Those birds have received chook-style beauty treatments.

When Bonville poultry breeder and exhibitor David Vaughan washes one of his top birds before a show, he does not just drop it into a tub and pick up a bar of laundry soap.

The birds’ skins and feathers are gently and thoroughly cleansed with an array of products, with plenty of attention paid to their legs, feet and claws, beak, wattles and comb.

They are dunked, scrubbed, massaged and rinsed until the words ‘dust bath’ are just a distant memory in their bird brains.

Poultry washing will be just one of the attractions at Saturday’s Poultry Expo at Coffs Harbour Showground’s poultry pavilion from 9am to noon.

The Expo has been specially designed by poultry breeder, judge and exhibitor John Arnett for younger people interested in breeding and showing poultry.

From 9am on Saturday there will be an open forum with local breeders. Breeds represented will include pit game, old English, leghorns, Pekins, seabrights, frizzled, anconas, wyandottes and ducks and all breeders will be happy to talk to interested people and answer questions.

Norco will have a trade display with feeds, supplements and poultry-keeping equipment.

At 9.30am Russell Parker will talk about housing and management; at 10.30am Matt from Rose Avenue Veterinary Hospital will speak about flock care and poultry diseases, and at 11am David Vaughan will demonstrate chook washing.

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