Newcombe Medal winner Dylan Alcott (right) and tennis great John Newcombe.
Newcombe Medal winner Dylan Alcott (right) and tennis great John Newcombe. FIONA HAMILTON

Newcombe takes aim at Twitter troll

TENNIS: The great John Newcombe's isn't happy that Nick Kyrgios retweeted a post that claims the medal named in Newk's honour has become a "teachers' pet” award.

But Newcombe is more angry at the troll who posted it for discrediting the ground-breaking award winner Dylan Alcott.

Alcott became the first wheelchair athlete to receive Australian tennis's highest honour after successfully defending his Australian Open crown and winning two gold medals at the Rio Paralymics.

The 25-year-old is the toast of Australian sport and Newcombe is livid that anyone could perceive him as anything less.

"Whoever wrote that, that's a joke. That's an insult. They should be ashamed of themselves for saying that,” Newcombe said.

"Dylan Alcott deserves an apology.”

Newcombe is among the judges for the award and says he ruled a line through Kyrgios as a nominee after being in the uncomfortable position of watching the 21-year-old's Shanghai Masters tanking in the company of a bunch of former American greats.

"When Nick got into his trouble in China, I was doing a fantasy camp at my tennis ranch in Texas,” he said.

"I had Rod Laver and Roy Emerson and Fred Stolle and Owen Davidson and some of the former top American players there with the legends and we were all talking about it.

"Tennis playing is not just tennis playing. It's how you conduct yourself.”

Newcombe believes Kyrgios can contend for majors and climb into the top four in 2017.

But he wants the 2014 Newcombe Medallist - and Bernard Tomic - to start behaving better.

"I mean, you don't have to be a goodie goodie,” he said.

"Look, Nick's popular when he plays. People love watching him play and I love watching him play.

"But you just feel let down when he lets himself down. I feel really sorry for him when he lets himself down because he's such an entertaining player to watch.”

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