New website to cut road trauma

YOUNG Coffs Coast drivers are the target of a new internet campaign to cut road trauma.

With driver behaviour and attitude the cause of many accidents, the developers of a new website – – are engaging young drivers in language they understand.

The LogL site will be operational from July 11 and will offer interactive activities to engage and train participants in safe driving attitudes.

“Drivers under the age of 25 are the most vulnerable road users in Australia,” said LogL director Richard Lew.

“They make up about one sixth of all drivers but close to one third of drivers killed, and the risk of serious injury is at its peak in the first 12 months of driving.

“The free website aims to reduce road accidents through better preparing young drivers for their first critical years on the road.

“The day a person gets their P-plate licence they are many times more likely to be involved in a serious accident involving death or serious injury.”

Activities on the website include proactive teaching aids to help teens learn the rules to get their learners permit; road safety videos; Q&A’s; resources and training courses to help them learn the road laws; and competitions based on points earned through learning.

Mr Lew said he was motivated by the urgent need for a new way to give learner drivers the essential skills for surviving on the roads, in particular to make it socially unacceptable to take risks on the roads.

“LogL uses the internet, social networking, competitions, interactive activities and peer pressure to mould appropriate attitudes towards risk on the road,” he said.

“These school holidays, parents of kids who are learning to drive can make a real difference to their child’s learning and safety by encouraging them to pre-register at the LogL website.

“Creating real change is not just about making more rules and more punishments via a nanny state. It’s about assisting young people to subconsciously adopt a safe driving state-of-mind.”

LogL also incorporates an internet-based logbook which would make logbook falsification far more difficult than the current paper system and which will provide learners with valuable feedback about their progress.

“Many teenagers do the minimum required to get their licence and at the moment there’s insufficient engagement in their learning,” said LogL education director Neil Goudge.

“After literacy and numeracy, driving is the most important skill to teach our children. Pre-learner and young drivers need to be armed with knowledge for sure but they also need the right attitude.

“They have to learn what that attitude is and it has to become their habit before they take to the road as a P plater.”

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