Labor candidate for Cowper, Andrew Woodward.
Labor candidate for Cowper, Andrew Woodward. Rachel Vercoe

New PM will 'do nothing' for the Mid North Coast: Woodward

LABOR candidate for Cowper, Andrew Woodward has claimed the change of Prime Minister today will 'do nothing' for those living on the Mid North Coast.

In a statement, Mr Woodward claimed the issues surrounding unemployment, the environment, housing and broadband internet will continue and called for an election:

"The change of Prime Minister today does nothing to improve the lives of people in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Kempsey and the Mid-North Coast. 

"The civil war between the Liberals and Nationals over policy and ideology has set us back even further. Every minute they waste on internal fights is a minute lost on fixing problems and seizing opportunities. 

"The political personalities aren't the issue - the issues are the parties; their policies and, their ideology. The Liberals and Nationals don't have the policies and priorities to do what's needed in Cowper. Labor's policies are 'made for' Cowper.

"Whether it is Abbott, Turnbull, Dutton, Morrison or Bishop as PM, we will have the same problems with unemployment, the environment, housing, and broadband internet. The cuts to schools, TAFE, apprenticeships, Medicare, hospitals, child care, pensions and veterans will go unchanged. The Liberals and Nationals aren't up to governing in our best interest.

"The Liberals and Nationals are more interested in talking about themselves rather than about the things that impact the lives of people in this electorate. Self-interest consumes them, and nothing will change between now and the election. 

"All we got today was the same book with a new cover in the one dollar bin. Conservative politics is at war, and we are the loser.

"Irrespective of what happened today, we need an election. I am ready to be our new local member and Labor is ready to govern. 

"We need good policy and ongoing stability. The chaos brought about by five years of weak leadership, division within the conservative parties, lousy policy, personality independents and fringe parties is clearly evident.

"The Liberals, Nationals, independents and fringe parties can't deliver the policy and stability Australia needs. Labor can. We will be better off with a Labor Government and Labor member for Cowper in that government. 

"The National Party's grubby fingerprints are all over the coup against Malcolm Turnbull. They tried to the position themselves at arm's length from the coup. The truth is they're in it up to their necks.

"The Nationals are to the right of the Liberals and have been fanning the flames wanting a move to the hard right. Their Federal Council meeting last weekend in Canberra supported coal-fired power stations, the fundamental policy of the hard right, in part igniting this week's coup.

"The National Party is just as guilty as the Liberals in overthrowing the Prime Minister. The Liberals and Nationals are toxic. 

"Labor has learned from its errors of the past. Labor went through a terrible period earlier this decade and made big mistakes on leadership. We recognise that. That said, we still governed successfully, for a period in minority, and managed the country through the Global Financial Crisis and implemented solid social and environmental policy. We learned from that whole experience. We put in place systems to ensure that it can't happen again. 

"Labor's leadership issues earlier this decade were related to who had the best chance for us to win at an election. It wasn't about policy and ideology. The Liberals leadership is an entirely different matter. Their battle is about ideology; policy and taking their party to the far right. This is a civil war over policy and ideology. Today is not the end. It is the beginning.”

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