New plans shine the spotlight on safety

COFFS Harbour's Plantation Hotel is set to implement a scope of new measures to increase the venue's safety.

Earlier this week the hotel was named a category two venue after 16 violent incidents were reported during 2014.

The venue was also ordered to pay $2200 in fines for breaching a string of liquor licensing restrictions in February.

But the venue's assistant manager Daniel Knox said new measures will ensure safety and friendly atmosphere remains the venue's number one focus.

"We've already been operating under many requirements of a category two venue - we don't use glass after 9pm, there's a lockout in place and no shots are served after midnight," he said.

"We take our security extremely seriously and we're putting in place a few extra precautions."

New measures will include the potential introduction of an ID scanner at the door, extra security guards, as well as the supply of free food.

"Security guards are trained to perform a strict RSA check for every patron that comes in the venue and our staff training is meticulous," Daniel said.

"These are the sorts of things we're trying to do to reduce violent incidents across the board."

Daniel said local residents can feel reassured the hotel is still a family-friendly venue.

"We're working with police to keep it a good fun place to come to," he said.

"The public can be confident that management are constantly working towards making it a safer and more enjoyable venue."

The venue's security

$500,000 to $800,000 - the average annual cost of security.

840 free water bottles handed out each week.

36 CCTV cameras in operation.

8-to-10 security guards working at night.

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