The new park in Woolgoolga has got the town talking.
The new park in Woolgoolga has got the town talking. Judith Jhureea

New park the talk of the town

THE installation of a new playground on the Northern Beaches has stirred up conversation on social media with parents questioning the suitability for young children.

Built at Woolgoolga Lake, photos of the park have been posted onto a community Facebook page by Judith Jhureea who said, "the new playground equipment is pretty awesome, just need something a little smaller for the smaller kids.”

Parents and locals were quick to leave their thoughts on the park, some saying it is too high and scary for young kids and others saying it's an upgrade from the previous park.

"We had to climb it with our kids and they still got hurt it looks so good, but not for under fives. Fingers crossed it's just the first stage. It is lovely for woopi to have an up grade though!” commented Mandy Carter.

"It's a great upgrade compared to what was there, because the old equipment was absolutely putrid. This looks awesome, but really there isn't a lot to do. Climb up one side, walk along and slide down” Sally Mayne wrote.

Lisa Hutton agreed that something was needed for smaller children.

"Yes agree with something smaller for the little ones. My girls freaked out trying to climb it on Sunday,” she said.

"Maybe it's been built for the teenagers who roam the streets at night so they won't break the little kids parks. If so, I think it's a great idea by council,” Celia Wells added.

Lynette Rose Buckley raised the point the park was not friendly for kids with disabilities.

"Seems like a good playground and good effort to those who put it together. You are never going to please everyone. I would like to see more things for disabled kids or kids who can't climb like a wheelchair swing or something like that. There isn't much for disabled kids in the area,” she said.

Janita-Greg Stocks however commented she supported the park and there are a number other playgrounds on the Northern Beaches suitable for younger children.

"Looks great! You can never please everyone. There's still Woopi, Safety beach, Sandy beach all nearby and they have things for smaller kids,” she said.

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