Anne Lloyd  after the Glenugie, Eight Mile Lane Interchange upgrade meeting.
Anne Lloyd after the Glenugie, Eight Mile Lane Interchange upgrade meeting. Ebony Stansfield

New Pacific Highway: Residents have grave concerns

AN OFF ramp from the new Pacific Highway at Glenugie that is suitable for b-double trucks is what the Tyndale Progress Association is asking for said Anne Lloyd.

Members of the group have grave concerns about the safety of Eight Mile Lane if no upgrade is done.

"The fact that heavy vehicles won't be able to enter or exit the new (Pacific Highway) at Glenugie if they have been in or out of Grafton is crazy," she said.

"To spend all that money on a new highway but still force trucks to use a road that goes past a school, goes past communities ... it could all be avoided."

She said the purpose of the new highway is to provide safety for residents and truck drivers.

"Efficiency comes into it but that's a secondary factor," she said.

Mrs Lloyd said her husband has questioned Roads and Martime multiple times since 2014 about the Glenugie exit, but they were never given satisfactory answers.

"We didn't like the fact that truckies wouldn't be able to use the Glenugie exit," she said.

The progress association are also concerned with RMS and Clarence Valley Council's plan to change the name of the current Pacific Highway to the Gwydir Highway.

"We don't like the fact that they have already called it just the Gwydir Highway," she said.

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