New measures cut hoax calls by 25%

THE mobile phone industry says its measures have cut hoax 000 calls by three million calls annually, or 25 per cent.

Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association CEO, Chris Althaus, said the introduction of a short-voice announcement at the beginning of every 000 call to reduce the number of non-genuine and mis-dialled calls was working.

There are 12 million annual calls to 000 of which 55 per cent or 6.5 million are not genuine.

“To improve access for people who need urgent emergency medical care the mobile telecommunications industry has introduced new procedures to tackle the huge number of non-genuine 000 callers who are risking the lives of genuine callers in urgent need of assistance,” Mr Althaus said.

He said the industry was following up with further measures to warn repeat offenders who abused 000 that they faced being barred from making calls to non-emergency numbers on all Australian networks.

“If they ignore the warnings they ultimately face having their mobiles blocked on all networks across Australia to make non-emergency calls.

“At this stage these repeat offenders whose irresponsible actions threaten the lives of genuine emergency callers will not be denied access to 000.

“They can still contact 000 but will not be able to make any other calls.”

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