New machine aids treatment

PET/CT scanning is now available at I-Med Radiology Clinic.
PET/CT scanning is now available at I-Med Radiology Clinic. Erik dB

PATIENTS and doctors now have access to a state-of- the-art PET/CT scanner at the I-MED Radiology clinic.

The new PET/CT (positron emission tomography/computed tomography) scanner will deliver exceptional image quality and improve doctors' ability to diagnose and monitor cancers and allow them to accurately assess how organs and tissues in the body are functioning.

I-MED Radiology regional manager Nola Ford said the radiology group was excited to make such important technology available to local patients particularly those at risk of, or suffering from, cancer.

"This new PET/CT scanner will greatly assist our doctors in the identification and diagnosis of cancer,” she said.

"Many tumours can be picked up earlier and located with increased precision using PET/CT scans.

"Early detection can really make a difference in terms of treatment options.

"This new machine will also mean patients don't have to travel great distances to access this technology.”

Dr Diane Donohoe, a radiologist at the clinic, said the new PET/CT scanner would be particularly helpful in staging cancer and evaluating the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

"PET/CT scanners are critical for modern oncology care, in particular for staging cancer and following up to determine whether treatment has been successful or not,” Dr Donohoe said.

"With this scanner we are able to detect virtually all types of cancer.

"We can see if the cancer is localised or spreading and this determines the optimal treatment.”

I-MED Radiology Network is Australia's largest medical imaging clinic network, offering all scans and radiology services including x-ray, PET, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, mammography and interventional procedures.

Across Australia, the I-MED Network operates 180 clinics covering all major metropolitan areas and significant parts of rural and regional Australia.

The Coffs Coast clinic has been providing quality radiology services to local residents for more than 20 years.

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