New coats of history for the old Pier

ADDING HISTORY: The Pier Hotel's Owen Bolsdon and Maxine Skinner toast to the new look facade.
ADDING HISTORY: The Pier Hotel's Owen Bolsdon and Maxine Skinner toast to the new look facade. Trevor Veale

THE Jetty strip's historic landmark, The Pier Hotel is getting a repaint to recreate the classic look, character and charm of the age-old pub.

The 102-year-old building is taking on a neutral heritage tone in a tip of the hat to yesteryear.

Pier Hotel owner Warren Skinner, who has held the hotel for 10 years, said he drew inspiration from the South Brisbane Library in deciding on a colour choice.

He said over the course of a decade the pub's ocean blue facade, painted by a former owner, has worn thin on him.

"Yeah I've always said the pub was painted blue by Tooheys as an ad for Tooheys Blue,” Warren said.

"It has been out-of-date with what the building represents so this is commercial common-sense to bring back the pub to its former glory.”

The original Pier Hotel was burnt to the ground, along with most of the jetty strip, in 'The Great Fire' of 1914.

But the hub of the Jetty was quickly rebuilt and that history remains today.

The Pier Hotel's updated accommodation was last year lauded at the Australian Liquor Association awards.

"The hotel's awning will be rejuvenated under the next stage of works,” Warren said.

The scaffolding will be pulled down in coming days to reveal the hotel's new look.

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