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At the top of the LG CINEMA 3D range is the LW6500. It boasts superb picture quality in 2D and 3D along with all the advantages of LG’s Smart TV technology.
At the top of the LG CINEMA 3D range is the LW6500. It boasts superb picture quality in 2D and 3D along with all the advantages of LG’s Smart TV technology.

HIGH definition, HDMI, resolution. Unless you are techno savvy, this is just some of the jargon that can make buying a new TV or home theatre products confusing.

To help those looking to set up a home theatre and better understand the technology available, popular electronic retailer The Good Guys explain some common terms that shoppers may come across.

Full HD 1080p: The best quality image available on televisions today is Full HD 1080p, where screens display 1080 lines of horizontal resolution progressively. They offer incredibly sharp and detailed pictures, and are the best choice for watching any kind of television content.

Be careful as there are different standards of high definition, so don’t jump into any purchase just because it has a HD sticker on it. Look for TVs marked as 1080p (which is often referred to as Full HD) as these will be capable of displaying high definition at its highest quality. In addition, most modern LCD and LED TVs will incorporate a 100Hz or 200Hz.

Surround sound: Achieving surround sound is not as simple as buying four speakers and plugging them into an amplifier or receiver. True surround sound requires a minimum of five speakers (two front, two rear and a centre), plus a subwoofer. This is what is referred to as 5.1, the most basic form of surround sound. The 7.1 format (which includes two extra speakers for side effects) can be found on most Blu-ray movies and offers even better surround-sound capabilities. Many vendors sell complete 5.1 or 7.1 sound systems in a single sales package.

HDMI: This is a digital cable that sends both video and audio signals over a single connector, so you don’t need numerous cords. If possible use HDMI cables for your entire home-theatre setup to achieve the best sound and quality available.

2D-3D conversions: The process that some 3D televisions can perform to convert regular television footage and video into 3D.

LED: Light Emitting Diode. LED TVs provide richer colours, better contrast and deeper blacks than standard LCD televisions as well as significant power saving.

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