Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser isn’t worried about poll.
Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser isn’t worried about poll.

Nationals slide fast down poll

A POLL indicating the Nationals are on the skids in New South Wales has been dismissed as irrelevant by Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser.

According to the Morgan Poll based on 521 telephone interviews in the second half of February, primary support for the Nationals has collapsed by 8.1 per cent since the 2007 election to just two per cent.

The poll found support for the Greens was up by two per cent to 11 per cent while Independents and Other parties were down 2.5 per cent to 11.5 per cent.

The same poll had the Coalition leading the ALP by 51.5 to 48.5 per cent on a two party preferred basis and concluded the Coalition would have won had an election been held last week.

While welcoming that prediction Mr Fraser said he gave little credence to polling.

“In reality the polls always have support for the nationals at between six and 10 per cent but at the last State election we won 46 per cent of the two party preferred votes in the 16 seats we contested,” Mr Fraser said.

He denied the Nationals were a spent force and out of favour with the electorate.

“I am very confident the Nationals will do very well on March 26 next year. I am not worried about the polls at all but I would be curious to see how Country Labor polled. I think you’d find there was very little support at all for them,” he said.

Michelle Levine from Roy Morgan Research said the methodology used in the poll was very robust.

“It was taken across New South Wales and represented a good cross-section of men and women, and young and old voters,” Ms Levine said.

“What we found was while there was virtually no support for the Nationals in the big cities, in rural areas it was only about 5 per cent, which is still a considerable drop on the support at the last State election.”

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