Bundaberg midwife delivers her own grandchild

SOME mothers would consider it an honour to be present at the birth of a grandchild.

Bundaberg grandmother Fay Schmeider, who is also a midwife, has had this privilege more than once, most recently delivering her newest granddaughter Eve.

Mrs Schmeider has now seen all eight of her grandchildren born.

And of those eight grandchildren, she has delivered four of them.

However, it was the most recent delivery that caught both her and her daughter, Shelley Dunn, by surprise.

Mrs Dunn, herself a midwife, said she phoned her mum at breakfast time on April Fool's Day and expected the labour to go on for a while before they made their way to hospital.

"With the boys I had long labours so was not expecting to rush to hospital," she said.

"I'm also a midwife like mum and our thought is the longer we can be at home the better.

Mrs Schmeider, who has been a nurse for 45 years and a midwife for 35, said they made their way to hospital but along the way were held up by traffic.

"It was raining and we got stuck behind some trucks so I started singing to Shelley to calm her," Mrs Schmeider said.

"We arrived at hospital and she was doing very well and it was a special time.

"We both didn't anticipate the arrival of Eve to be so quickly."

Mrs Dunn said her husband didn't make it to hospital in time to witness the birth of their first daughter.

"Although Geoff wasn't present I felt very comfortable with mum and all my colleagues in the family birthing unit," she said.

"Mum has never asked to be present; we have always wanted her there as we know what a wonderful midwife she is.

"It is very special to have your mum there and able to assist in such a way with the birth.

"Hopefully this tradition can be passed down for generations to come."

Mrs Dunn said she became a midwife after growing up always hearing stories and knowing her mother did so much to help people become parents.

"Mum use to do birth classes when I was young and she inspired me to become a midwife," Mrs Dunn said.

Bundaberg grandmother Fay Schmeider has delivered four of her eight grandkids. Read her story here:

Posted by NewsMail on Monday, 18 May 2015

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