Museum decision under fire

COFFS Harbour City Council’s “operational” decision to hand over use of the old museum site to the Over 50s Table Tennis Club - but only until December - appears to have pleased nobody very much.

Cultural groups are miffed that the old museum was handed over to a sporting organisation.

Councillors are unhappy that they were not consulted about the tenancy of the community building and concerned about the way the decision was made.

And members of the Over 50s Table Tennis Club are unhappy that the council has not made a more permanent decision in their favour.

“It is a disgrace that the Coffs Harbour Council still are in two minds about letting us have an old flood-prone building to house 200 rate-paying elderly residents to enjoy their latter years in playing and socialising together,” table tennis player Phyllis Taylor said.

“They build a Seniors Centre (Cavanbah Centre) and don’t even consult sporting groups re the area and size, but it suits perhaps a game of scrabble.

“The old Salvation Army shop which is in Gordon St and is owned by council has remained there empty for over five years.

“We have requested we pay rent there – ideal for parking and nice and flat area to play but no, we get shuffled from pillar to post and have been for 20 years.

“Is there anybody out there that will listen or have compassion for the oldies that just want a place that they can call home and play ping pong?”

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