STAYING SAFE: Monroe Mills in her protective
STAYING SAFE: Monroe Mills in her protective "super suit” enjoys the outdoors with her brothers one-year-old Morrison and eight-year-old Hendrix. Trevor Veale

Mum's got it covered

FOR most parents it's all about school shoes and uniforms when getting their little ones ready for the first year at school. Nambucca local Sarah Mills had another mission.

Her daughter, six-year-old Monroe, was born with a rare form of eczema, photoaggravated eczema, and diagnosed with solar urticaria, an extreme allergy to the sun.

Exposure to direct sunlight quickly causes severe pain, swelling and itchiness, so the only way Monroe can go outside to play is fully covered in a special body suit to protect her super-sensitive skin from ultraviolet light.

At a cost of $5400 for two suits a year, single mum Sarah was struggling to find the money so she took to social media and created a Go Fund Me page.

The result from our community and further afield has overwhelmed Sarah.

"I'd like to thank everybody, I'm so grateful for all the support through the Go Fund campaign,” Sarah said.

"Also a special thank you to the Coffs Coast Freemasons who purchased an entire suit on their own. They saw the last story in the Advocate and contacted me through Facebook. They then sent a cheque in to cover the cost of an entire suit.

"It's such a relief to be able to send her to school safely. She's having the best time. Monroe can now participate in all the activities at her school and she loved the recent Easter Hat parade.

"Her new school friends have been just great. I went to the class and had a chat about why she needs the suit. I also spoke at assembly.”

Through the internet, Monroe and Sarah have made friends with Ellie and her family. Ellie is a six-year-old girl who lives in the United Kingdom and has the same rare condition as Monroe, she also shares many of Monroe's interests and passions.

"These two have so much in common, not just their condition. We are hoping to be able to raise enough money to visit Ellie in the UK and try to meet with her medical specialists. With the lower UV over there I understand they have a few more cases and we may be able to learn more.”

To donate: GoFundMe page 'Amongst The Stars - Miracle for Monroe'

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