Nadine May Gould
Nadine May Gould Contributed

24-year-old mother photographed with 'bag of meth'

A DRUG user has been caught red-handed after she was photographed posing with a bag of meth.

At Ipswich District Court this week, Nadine May Gould pleaded guilty to possessing drugs and drug utensils.

The 24-year-old was staying at the Oaks Aspire in Ipswich with a male friend when police raided their hotel room at 8am on November 26, last year.

Crown prosecutor Stephen Muir said police had been investigating the young woman's friend in relation to drug offences.

During the search Gould was found in possession of a glass pipe in her handbag and later admitted ownership of another pipe located in the room. Police also found four bags which contained 13.9g of methamphetamine.

Mr Muir said Gould was liable for one of the bags, after photos of her posing with the drug where found on her mobile phone.

The photo was dated one day before the police raid.

Mr Muir said she had a two-page criminal history which included previous drug-related convictions.

Gould's barrister Steve Kissick said his client was from Bundaberg and had returned home after being charged for the offences.

Mr Kissick said Gould, a mother of two young children no longer used methamphetamine.

"Her change in her living circumstances and her focus on her two children have been the primary motivation for that," he said.

Mr Kissick described his client's offending as a "minor matter".

Judge Greg Koppenol said it was a "sad situation" that Gould had found herself back in court for more drug charges.

"You're really going to have to take charge of your life," he told Gould. "You're supposed to be a good role model for your children."

Gould was convicted and sentenced to probation for two years.

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