MP rates a history of actions before mere words

TRUST is the quality diamond we aim for in our lives across all facets of our lives - even in our elected politicians.

Despite cynicism most of us persist in putting a high degree of trust in our expectations that our elected political representatives will advocate and work in our best interests.

And where necessary stick up for the people of their community - even when it goes against the line of thinking of their political party.

Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen is known for his strong opinions and a take-no-prisoners attitude that at times can cause controversy and his constituents to cringe.

When necessary he will go against the grain of his National Party.

"Trust is critical in politics," Mr Christensen said.

"The community must be able to trust their representative to work in the best interests of the people, for this generation and the next.

"I don't believe a politician can be trusted if they are not allowed or not willing to put their constituents before their party. If you don't stand up for your own principles and you don't stand up for the people you are supposed to represent, you can't expect people to trust you.

"It is very difficult to trust someone when all you have to base a decision on is words and promises. But when there is a history of actions, the choice is more clear cut.

"In politics, people want to trust the right decisions will be made on any issues that arise, which is why a politician's values and principles are so important.

"Actions should be guided by values and principles.

"When a politician shares similar values to those of a party, there is broad agreement on policy.

"But if the local community has a different view on a particular issue the people need to trust that their representative will put their needs before the party.

"Sometimes that means a dissenting voice in the party room.

"Sometimes it means a dissenting voice in public."

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