Biker watch in NSW forests

MOTORBIKE riders using state forests will be closely monitored to ensure they’re not causing havoc.

Forests NSW said there had been an influx of riders into North Coast forests in recent years and staff wanted to find out if there had been environmental damage from the increased traffic.

The random patrols would also monitor public safety.

“Motorcycle riders should be aware that they are subject to the same road rules that apply on a public street when they ride in state forests and that means they must be licensed and their motorcycles registered,” said Forests NSW community forester David Wilson.

“It is also just as important that they understand that their activities could cause environmental damage.

“For that reason we ask that motorcycle and other vehicle users in state forests remain on the formed roads and trails; do not drive on wet natural surface roads, and; avoid damaging drainage crossings.”

Mr Wilson said making new tracks, single tracks and side tracks was not permitted and people found doing so were liable to a range of penalties.

He said Forests NSW welcomed responsible motorcycle and vehicle users, but they had to obey the regulations.

“Forests NSW will be progressively erecting new signs displaying road use information over the coming months on the entrances to a number of northern NSW forests.

“Forests NSW can close forests to the public if there is continuing evidence of environmental or other problems being created by over-use or irresponsible use and if forest users do not behave in an appropriate manner this is a real possibility.”

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