Mother tells of night her daughter died

IN COURT: Mother of dead toddler tells court of the night she left her child with the accused.
IN COURT: Mother of dead toddler tells court of the night she left her child with the accused. Leigh Jensen

A MURDER trial heard the Coffs mother of a dead two-year-old girl tell the court she had left her child with the accused in the lead-up to her daughter's death.

The mother and the accused cannot be named for legal reasons,

On Monday the mother gave her account of what happened on April 20, 2014 - the night her daughter was hospitalised.

That night the woman went to get KFC for dinner and left her daughter at home with the accused.

She said when she returned home, she saw the accused come out of her daughter's room.

Her daughter was in bed at the time and the woman asked the accused how she was.

She said the accused told her the girl had vomited.

The mother said the accused later took her daughter to the toilet, where he rubbed her back and told her she needed to vomit.

She said her daughter went "floppy" and "went lethargic" moments later.

"She couldn't control her body any more," the mother said.

The mother and the accused then took the toddler to hospital where she later died.

The accused's defence raised the fact that after the toddler had died, her mother was informed the girl had been diagnosed with leukemia and Hodgkin's disease.

However, Justice Megan Latham said the post-mortem report found blunt force trauma was the cause of the toddler's death.

Justice Latham said the girl died of "massive internal bleeding" and disease had been ruled out as a contributor to her death.

The case continues at the Supreme Court in Coffs Harbour.

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