LAUGHS: Steady Eddy is coming to Gladstone.
LAUGHS: Steady Eddy is coming to Gladstone. Contributed

STAND-UP comic Steady Eddy is much more than your average funny guy.

The celebrity comic has been known as The Bent man of Comedy, but his ideals, passion for life and others is far from 'bent'.

Steady Eddy came into the world 45 years ago and though he has cerebral palsy, the man is as alert and intelligent as they come.

His life is a testament of perseverance and making the most out of each day.

And he truly is inspiring in every possible way. So what makes this man's act so darn good?

"I'm funny," he simply says from his Glenwood home, 40km north of Gympie.

"The thing that's different about me and other people is I'm a stand-up comic (not comedian) and I do routines about life - whatever's happening to me at this moment in time or in the past."

Steady Eddy shares his home on a big block with his dog.

"I've lived here about eight years," he says.

"It's not a bad little spot."

Before delving into his life, I ask Steady Eddy what he's been up to.

"Oh, just creating a bit of havoc over Facebook," he laughs.

The well-known comic admits to enjoying the social networking site.

"And it depends on my mood," he says when asked if he uses it regularly.

During his career, Steady Eddy has travelled half way around the world, enjoying audiences from many different countries.

And when it came to an audience, he had no idea what actually produced a good crowd.

"If I knew that, they would be perfect every night," he laughs.

He paused, before coming to a conclusion.

"Maybe the willingness to go on the ride."

But when he is not standing in front of a crowd, creating mammoth laughs, Steady Eddy prefers to spend his time on some of the deeper issues of life.

"There's a lot people don't know about me," he says.

"They think I'm a stand-up comic all the time. I'm not a one-trick pony."

The comic says he has been an activist in anti-coal seam gas mining for almost two years.

"It's a global and community killer, and community divider," he says.

"There's so many bad things about it."

Steady Eddy's passion begins to rise in his voice.

"It's that bad the Americans have put a moratorium on it.

"It causes all sorts of things from nose bleeds to other varieties of illnesses."

Steady Eddy says we live in a country where some areas are 90% of sunshine all year round.

"We got five deserts doing absolutely nothing.

"Why don't we have solar farms out there?"

The popular comic begins to share his passions on other issues such as the killing of dolphins.

He continues to tell me 26,000 dolphins are killed each year in Japan.

"The irony is, the dolphins have been poisoned by mercury so much that you can't actually eat them," he says.

"And they go on killing them anyway and no one can answer the question why."

His passions begin to cut deep to my own heart as he says: "These are the things, when I'm off-stage, I rally against."

To say Steady Eddy is a busy man, is an understatement.

The incredibly talented comic says he also loves attending folk festivals, amongst spending time on the X-Box, surfing, sitting around camp fires and much more.

"I do heaps of different things," he says.

Steady Eddy says if people want to know anything about what he's been doing, head straight to his Facebook page.

"I've basically got everything I've been doing from the last six to 12 months."

The gig: The Sit Down Comedy Club

  • WHERE: Yaralla Sports Club
  • WHEN: Wednesday August 7
  • TIME: 7pm
  • COST: General admission - $55, Emerald members - $49.50, Ruby members - $27.50,Platinum members - Free; *Ticket price includes dinner
  • CONTACT: 4979 8270

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