More than just boxing

WHEN former professional boxer Daniel Hoskins and martial arts trainer Garry Hartmann decided to start a new boxing gym, they were clear on one thing - it would be about more than just simply learning how to throw a punch.

“There's going to be a focus on fitness and the mental side of the sport,” said Hoskins, a former WBF Asia-Pacific junior lightweight title holder.

“We want to make sure that people's heads are in the right spot.

“You're not going to learn to fight with us just to go out on the streets and fight there.

“We also want to train peopel who come along about proper health and nutrition.”

With their new gym now set up at Heritage Park in Moonee Beach, Hartmann says that anyone who wants to come along to the gym that has been linked with the Australian Boxing Association must be prepared to become part of the sport.

“We want fighters at the gym, not people who are only looking for fitness,” Hartmann explained.

“And those that come down need to know that boxing is a sport, a science and we want to teach that. It's not about bashing each other.

“I want to concentrate on amateur boxing with Daniel.”

Since retiring from his own professional career in the ring, Hoskins has trained many fighters in the area through his work at the PCYC on Bray Street.

With that facilty no longer there, Hoskins knew that he needed to do something to keep boxing going in the area.

“There's a need for it in Coffs Harbour and a big factor in our decision was the PCYC closing down boxing,” he said.

“Both Garry and I have our hearts in amateur boxing and we've been talking about doing this for some time.”

Hartmann can't wait to get stuck into some hard work with the boys that come to along to his gym where they have a ring installed and the speed balls and heavy bags to hone a boxer's skills.

But he says that anyone who walks into the gym needs to be prepared to work hard in return.

“It's about discipline and we're not going to take any crap from them,” he warned.

“We're willing to put time and effort into the boys but they've got to be prepared to do the same back.”

Anyone interested in being trained at the new gym at Moonee Beach should get in touch with Garry Hartmann on either 6656 1013 or 0413 362 752.

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