Senator Matt Thistlethwaite.
Senator Matt Thistlethwaite. LEIGH JENSEN

More to budget than hwy and hospital

DUTY Senator for Cowper Matt Thistlethwaite said that Tuesday night's Federal Budget amounts to more for constituents than Pacific Hwy funding and and $40 million for the long overdue upgrade of the Kempsey Hospital.

Senator Thistlethwaite said there's measures in the budget that benefit families in the electorate, particularly those struggling to meet the costs of education for their children, which is why the Government announced the Schoolkids Bonus.

"Upwards of 10,750 Cowper families, and 1.3 million Australian families, and are expected to receive $410 for each child in primary school, and $820 for each child in high school," Sen. Thistlethwaite said.

"This cash payment will help the families of 18,900 local school kids, 2.2 million nationwide, balance their budget and pay for uniforms, books, school excursions, stationery, and other costs like music lessons and sports registration fees."

Families will also benefit from tax cuts.

"Approximately 41,000 Cowper taxpayers will receive a tax cut on July 1," he said.

"Around 34,000 local taxpayers will receive a tax cut of at least $300 and 4,000 local residents will now pay no tax at all."

On top of the tax cuts, some workers will be able to enjoy increased superannuation benefits in 2012-13.

"Labor will also put up to $500 into the superannuation accounts of 24,000 local workers earning up to $37,000," he said.

"Meanwhile, the Minerals Resource Rent Tax will increase superannuation for 35,300 Cowper workers from 9 to 12 per cent.

"This will add almost $108,000 to the projected retirement incomes of an average 30-year-old worker."

The Labor Senator said that businesses will also be able to take advantage of initiatives set up in the budget.

"For 17,200 small businesses in Cowper, Labor is giving an instant tax write-off for each asset purchase below $6,500. On top of this, the first $5,000 spent on a new motor vehicle will also be able to be written off," he said.

The Duty Senator for Cowper then continued his show of support for the Gillard Government measures by adding a dig at Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker.

"Through his relentless negative campaigning and shameless fear mongering Luke Hartsuyker is guilty of acting against this country's best interests," the Senator said.

"And by continuing to play politics rather than informing residents of their entitlements and benefits under our new budget, Mr Hartsuyker is only furthering his work to undermine this country's future."

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