Editorial - June 11: Money wins, planet loses in PM’s eyes

YOU may have read news reports from Canada this week where our PM said he would not clobber the economy to address climate change.

"No country is going to take actions that are going to deliberately destroy jobs and growth," Mr Abbott said.

He makes a fair point but it's the underlying premise of the statement - that addressing climate change will cost jobs - which many will find difficult to swallow.

The inference that growth, even if it is filthy and laden with pollution, is more preferable than environmental sustainability amounts to scary politics.

Is it not the unbridled pursuit of growth, dollars and corporate profits that is taking our world ever closer to the brink?

The lack of acknowledgement of the jobs that would flow if we embraced a less polluted, rip it out of the ground and burn it mentality is simply staggering.

The industrial processes that add to global warming are now so mechanised that real jobs growth within these sectors is marginal and yet they continue to be subsidised at a great cost.

It's a pity indeed that governments seem as much slaves to profits as the corporations that are exploiting our natural resources to our detriment.

Graeme Singleton,

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