PAY DIRT: Coffs Dodgers Perry Gordon slides into third base.
PAY DIRT: Coffs Dodgers Perry Gordon slides into third base.

Mixed bases but all had fun

WITH a heap of people away and the Expo kids in the US, many teams moved players around to fill the gaps and keep the day full.

Some players had an extra game for their troubles and there would have been a few aching joints from the senior players, however, it looked like a lot of fun.

I know Jimmy was going to use Hunter Valley pain relief when he got home.

The Dodgers met the Bluesox on the main diamond in B-grade and I witnessed some great baseball.

Bluesox player Lauren Campbell hit a really nice line drive and then took a blinding catch at third base.

Billy celebrated his birthday with a great hit and then got caught in a run down for home scuttling back and forth between third and eventually sat safe after a great chase.

Joe Willman stepped on the mound and threw some burning fast balls as well as some tidy pitching from Mitchell Connett for the Dodgers with a K2 (strike out) in the third dig.

Perry Gordon slid to third and Terry Crossland took a difficult catch to end the fifth innings.

Bluesox took the game this meeting but it was a close game and fun to watch.

The A grade clash between Kempsey and Allstars was a tight game with some excellent fielding displays and some really solid batting from Kempsey.

Grant Davies smashed a high screamer to centre field and James Dehnert took two awesome left field catches which brought the Allstars unstuck in the fourth.

Rob Kozik pitched for the Allstars and had the look of a seasoned veteran until Paul grant relieved him for the last two digs.

The Expo boys were fined for being in the US, and rightly so, as the Allstars went down to Kempsey off the back of some great throwing off the mound by Sam Flanaghan. 11-7 to Kempsey.

Once again the handsome Matty Gee pitched really well for the Dodgers in C grade and with huge gaps in the line-up, several B and A grade players helped fill the void for a fun game.

Hugsy, Lauren and Mel all had a pitch and did well keeping it fair for the juniors. The game flowed pretty well and all who watched from the sidelines seemed to enjoy it. Dodgers took the game 13 to 2.

Dylan Frisken and Charlie Gallagher both smashed three baggers in the modified junior game.

Thomas Wong continues to play outstanding baseball and is a future star of the game with some outstanding fielding this week.

The Bluesox won a very close game with great routine fielding perfectly executed and should be hard to keep from the finals. Sox 10 and Dodgers 8.

Junior Allstars welcomed new players Sam and Jarrod to their first game. Jake Ivers cracked a single and brought in two runners to open.

A strong double play by Jason Humphries and Luke Collett was an early highlight. With Bluesox down in numbers, Jake and Reece Benson helped them out and then played really well for them and enjoyed a great win 7–5.

Thanks to all the mums and dads for the great first half of the season and all the help you have given the junior coaches Cookie, Jason, Mitchell and Cale.

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