Miserable history

OUR local council has had a miserable history of planning.

I give you the selling off of a car park to improve parking, confiscating Brelsford Park from us, and making a new town on prime agricultural land.

And we've had lucky escapes from bulldozing the Boambee Beach dunes to accommodate a surf event at a beach with no surf, and the selling off of public reserves because they weren't "performing".

But even our council draws the line at the new cop shop/court- house complex at the old Forestry site at the Beryl St and Pacific Hwy corner.

One of the very first principles of modern planning is to provide ample off-street parking.

You only have to look at the nearby West High St business district to see the sad consequences of not observing this fundamental rule.

Wednesday's Advocate quoted typical public service jargon - the public will have "parking availability within the vicinity of the site within the adjoining streets".

In other words, it will be Rafferty's rules out there.

Our esteemed local member, of course, is very enthusiastic about the plan.

It is doubtful whether he has actually had a good look at the area.

But I suggest that he does, to see just how hard it actually is to park anywhere near the site, and just how unsuitable it is.

Mr Fraser might also like to tell us how he's going to accommodate a bus stop on the highway outside such a hopelessly restricted site.

When you realise you've made an unholy mess of planning, you adopt the old "fix-it" by shoving a set of traffic lights on the street.

Just like the Hurley Drive and highway corner.

And there's something might fishy about a roundabout at Marjorie and Beryl Sts.

Can I suggest to Mr Fraser that he tries to get the plan changed, and move either the police station or the courthouse, but not both.

Otherwise we're in for yet another awful mess as well as another unnecessary set of traffic lights.


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