Letter to the Editor - April 2: Minority is not harmonious

ONE of the most inclusive community events I have ever attended in Coffs Harbour is Harmony Day run by the Coffs Harbour City Council in the Botanic Gardens every year.

It's a true representation of multicultural Australia, Coffs Harbour's standing as a model refugee resettlement centre and a grand reflection of just how great this country is in giving people from war-torn, disease ravaged and oppressive nations a second chance at life in our lucky country.

What really gets my goat is the racist element that exists.

Once again this 19th and 20th century attitude was aired on a local social media site this week, with readers calling for politicians not to allow refugees to resettle in Coffs Harbour.

The excuse for their short sightedness, intolerance and uncompassionate views were that there are not enough jobs in Coffs Harbour and more refugees in Coffs Harbour will increase unemployment rates.

What a load of rubbish.

If you can't find work you need to re-skill, retrain or lower your expectations to find employment, that's what many refugees who have made homes here in Coffs Harbour have done.

Grateful for the chance, many refugees are giving their shot at living in a lucky country a red hot go and good on them for that.

S. Billing,

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