WATER FITNESS: Sally Walsh, owner of Metaqua, at Novotel Pacific Bay Resort.
WATER FITNESS: Sally Walsh, owner of Metaqua, at Novotel Pacific Bay Resort. Gemima Harvey

Metaqua is amazing

METAQUA offers a refreshing and fun twist on doing laps up and down the pool.

Using a pair of fins, kickboard or noodle and optional hand paddles for extra resistance, participants go through a series of exercises focusing on strengthening and toning the legs, arms, side and stomach.

Starting with a master plan including quirky-titled manoeuvres like the "brief case", "yabby" and "mermaid," programs are then tailored to suit individual goals, for example, targeting an area like the "core cruncher" plan or protecting recovering body parts.

Sally Walsh originally developed the program for herself but realising its potential to benefit others decided to teach classes.

The exuberant instructor has been running her business in Coffs Harbour for three years and has taught about 550 people in that time.

Metaqua means increasing your metabolism using water.

Whether you have arthritis, are pre or post orthopaedic surgery, you want to lose weight, get fit or just have fun - Metaqua is an excellent form of exercise for everyone.

Sally said it is perfect for people with sore knees and hips or other acquired injuries, who face difficulty and discomfort exercising on hard surfaces, because working out in water is low impact, making it gentle on joints.

"Sharing something that I developed for myself with others and seeing people get so much benefit from it is amazing," Sally said.

"Sometimes I walk into a pool and see people swimming my program, and I think it's fantastic to see people doing it independently and it's also great for business owners who get extra people going to their pools."

Sally teaches classes at Novotel Pacific Bay Resort, Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool and Coffs Harbour Aquatic Centre.

The first session is $30 concession, $50 non-concession. After that classes are between $12 and $15, depending on the location, which includes pool entry.

Visit http://www.metaqua.com or email sal@metaqua.com for more information.

Disclosure: The journalist reporting on this story trialled the services of Metaqua as a guest of Novotel Pacific Bay Resort.

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