Letter to the Editor - May 13: Merger lacking benefits

I MUST concur with the concern the mayor, Denise Knight, has expressed with regard to a further amalgamation with other councils.

As the article stated, Coffs Harbour City Council is already in a seven-council association, and Cr Knight's concern is based on the absence of benefits to the ratepayers of Coffs Harbour.

The councillors are elected on the good faith of the people.

There are much more pressing and fundamental matters - road repairs, kerb and guttering, public amenity, tourism promotion, flood mitigation programs, financial management, council staff and works efficiency and value, and so many more issues that should justifiably demand the councillors' attention over forming another committee to discuss whether they should form another conglomerate.

Coffs Harbour City councillors should do what they were elected for and are paid for - concentrate on getting the services to the people done properly and efficiently, not see which of them can hold the record for being spread out over the greatest number of local council associations and committees.

Concentrate on doing one job with fidelity and integrity. Show us we haven't made a grievous error voting for you.

If councillors cannot properly fulfil their sworn obligations to their positions, they must do the honourable thing and vacate their positions in order that others who can perform their duties are able to do so.

We are paying some of the highest rates in Australia for lacklustre performance.

Peter S. Black

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