Mending a banana bender

NO bananas, no bath and no idea how to find the Clog Barn –that's just some of the issues an Adelaide journalist had with a night he spent in Coffs Harbour.

And one local woman reckons it stinks.

Coffs Harbour retiree Dawn Lawless was shocked when a friend from Adelaide sent her a newspaper article by ABC broadcaster Peter Goers with the headline: Why I Did a Banana Split.

In the article, Mr Goers recounts a night he spent in Coffs Harbour in which he calls the Big Banana small, derides the Bunker Cartoon Gallery for never having heard of an Adelaide artist, and bemoans the lack of whiting at a marina fish and chip shop.

"Coffs Harbour in NSW has put me off towns with no apostrophes," Mr Goer wrote.

But Dawn Lawless believes Mr Goer just had a bad case of the 'gripes'.

"He only stayed one night and never really had a good look around at everything Coffs has to offer," Dawn said.

"What I don't like is that people in Adelaide will read this and believe him and will write Coffs Harbour off."

Dawn is an ex-Adelaide resident herself, who has travelled all over the world and only has good things to say about Coffs.

"For a small place, the Botanical Gardens here are just magic and I always feel tropical when I reach Coffs Harbour and see all the banana plantations."

Dawn said Mr Goers' issues with a motel that had no bath, a $25 meal that was too big for him and the fact that it happened to be raining on the day he visited makes her think of one thing: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all," she said.

"And he needs to get a life," she added.

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