Mechanic pay problem fix

FOUR Coffs Harbour mech-anics have been reimbursed a total of $16,000 after an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

The workers complained after they weren’t paid their accrued annual leave or payment-in-lieu of notice when their employment was terminated.

After inspectors contacted the firm to explain its obligations, the four were back paid their outstanding entitlements.

The company told inspectors a downturn in trade had forced the job losses.

Fair Work Ombudsman NSW director Mark Davidson said because the employer had co-operated and voluntary fixed the problem, no further action would be taken.

“We have a flexible and fair approach and our preference is always to work with employers to educate them and help them voluntarily rectify any non-compliance issues,” he said.

Mr Davidson said employers must be mindful of their lawful obligations.

“Tough economic conditions represent challenging times for businesses but they are no excuse for failing to pay workers their full entitlements,” he said.

“Termination and redundancy entitlements play a vital supporting role for people while they attempt to pick themselves up, find a new job and get back on their feet.”

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