Southern Downs Regional Council Mayor Peter Blundell has declared a snow day for Stanthorpe following the towns biggest falls since 1984.

Cr Blundell said people's spirits have been lifted and there is a general air of celebration in town.

"I remember the snow well in 1984. People were out having snow fights, making snowmen in the was a carnival atmosphere," he said.

While he stopped short of quoting Bob Hawkes famous one-liner "Any boss who sacks his worker for not showing up to work today is a bum", he did say people should enjoy this once in a generation opportunity.


"I think people will still go to work but they'll take the opportunity to get outside and throw a snowball in the street," he said.

"But I'm sure no one will get sacked today.

"I wouldn't call it an un-official snow day, it absolutely is a snow day."  

Unfortunately for many school children, classes will go ahead as planned.

St Joseph's School's Facebook page said "School is on. Enjoy the snow...Until school starts."

One parent made a tounge-in-cheek comment saying her son would be late due to "frost-bite".

A representative from Stanthorpe State High School said classes would go ahead as normal as long as it was safe to do so.

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