Marketing for the greater good

CAN the tobacco industry be trusted to educate our children about the dangers of smoking?

Is a brewer the best source of health promotion?

These questions and more are tackled in the inaugural edition of the Journal of Social Marketing, which takes a look at the thorny issue of industry-funded social marketing campaigns.

Co-edited by Professor Andrew McAuley, Pro Vice Chancellor of Business and Law at Southern Cross University, and Associate Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele from Griffith University, the new tri-annual Journal of Social Marketing explores how marketing is used to influence social behaviour for the benefit of individuals and society, and will take on issues such as public health campaigns, accident prevention, alcohol and obesity.

The newly launched publication will be available free online throughout April and May only

Professor McAuley said the journal reflected Southern Cross University’s philosophy to make a difference.

“Brand, product and service marketers may be more fortunate than social marketers. Their job is to create, communicate and deliver a product that is new, improved, bigger or better,” he said.

“In contrast, social marketers are typically faced with a difficult scenario where they are marketing an alternative that is less appealing to people – or in the cases of alcohol and tobacco, actively encouraging people to reduce, or even stop, consuming something they may really enjoy.

“While the underlying marketing process and environmental issues remain the same, social marketing faces unique challenges.

“The new Journal of Social Marketing seeks to publish research and practical case studies that showcase how commercial marketing activities have been adapted to induce behavioural change to achieve a social goal.”

Professor McAuley said the first issue examines industry-funded social marketing and also includes a review of common social marketing “mythunderstandings”.

To celebrate the publication of the inaugural issue of the Journal of Social Marketing, Emerald is offering free online access to the content from April 1 for two months.

Visit for more information about this offer and a full list of journals featured over the coming months.

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