BLOCK OUT: Ocean glimpses may be hindered by the northern breakwall. TREVOR VEALE
BLOCK OUT: Ocean glimpses may be hindered by the northern breakwall. TREVOR VEALE TREVOR VEALE

Marina protection could cost ocean views

NEWS local company FM Glenn won the $2.5 million contract to upgrade Coffs Harbour's northern breakwall was welcomed by Advocate readers on Wednesday, but the story had since left one big question unanswered.

Will the future wall block the sea view to the north of the harbour?

Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser says safety and the protection of the marina has been at the forefront of the design.

He also said eventually the view could be retained, once the wall is built with re-designed restaurants and buildings to capitalise on the sea views, but for walkers that ocean glimpse may be hindered.

Two years ago, four options were put on the table.

An Advocate poll showed 95% of respondents wanted an artificial reef, rather than a raising or building up of the base wall.

While an artificial reef was the most popular, it was also the most complex and expensive to construct.

Social media commenters were united in their desire to see the view retained, rather than blocked off like the recently upgraded southern break wall.


Kim Pilgrim wrote: "The north wall is so popular for walkers (local and visitors), you often see families having picnics on the rocks overlooking the ocean, lots of people fish off that wall and lots of wedding pics have been taken there."

Jess Royal wrote: "Looks like we're going to lose the beautiful view from the north break wall, just like south wall."

Geoff Pilgrim wrote: "Guess Coffs is going to block the view again so you can't see diddly squat out to sea, and what about people that get wedding pics taken with a nice background?"

Liz Thompson wrote: "I love what they did to the South Wall, but I hope they don't completely block the sea view looking north when rebuilding the North Wall."

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