TAPED OFF: Bundaberg Police searched a Takalvan St unit in April 2015 as part of their investigations into the torture of a man in Mt Perry in March 2015.
TAPED OFF: Bundaberg Police searched a Takalvan St unit in April 2015 as part of their investigations into the torture of a man in Mt Perry in March 2015. Max Fleet BUN210415POL7

Man's genitals set alight during torture

REPEATEDLY set alight, beaten, his jaw dislocated and his blood splattered across the walls, ceiling and cupboards.

The horrific injuries inflicted upon an intellectually disabled man over a seven-day day period have been described in graphic detail in the Bundaberg District Court.

On Thursday 34-year old Brett Spies pleaded guilty to torture, malicious acts with intent and grievous bodily harm in relation to the brutal, prolonged attack of a 29-year-old man in his Mt Perry home between March 20 and 26 last year.

Spies will spend at least 80% of the 16 years he was sentenced to behind bars, after he was declared a serious violent offender.

The court heard the two men, who had been friends for more than a year, were drinking together when the victim allegedly told Spies he had raped a three-year-old girl in Victoria a number of years ago. However Crown prosecutor Mel Wilson said there was no evidence to suggest the victim's alleged confession was true.

The court heard Spies then set about inflecting his own rough justice, torturing the man in the bedroom and bathroom of his flat.

Lighter fluid was poured over the victim's genitals and set a light, with Spies telling one associate he laughed as the the victim was "rolling around in his own blood trying to put out the flames" and when the flames were out he would "light him up again".

In the three weeks before Spies was arrested for the attack, witnesses told police Spies boasted that he stomped on the victim's head and tried to stab him but failed because the knives he used were too blunt.

On March 26 Spies took the victim to a friends house and said he needed to clean the man up. He put the man in the shower with his clothing still sticking to his burns and large chunks of his skin fell off , clogging the drain.

The victim was taken to Bundaberg Hospital on March 26 before being transported to Brisbane for specialist treatment.

A medical report noted the victim suffered burns of various ages to about 15% of his body including his genitals, back, thighs, as well as bleeding on the brain and dislocated jaw.

Upon being discharged from hospital the victim disappeared and Ms Wilson said it was unknown what the lasting impacts of the attack were.

Defence barrister Bill MccMillan said his client was an alcoholic who was drinking a bottle of spirits a day at the time of the incident.

He said Spies believed he was was taking vengeance and his obsession and disdain for paedophiles clouded his judgement.

In sentencing Spies, Judge Leanne Clare ordered jail terms of 10 years and six years be accumulative saying the 14 year maximum sentence for torture was inadequate due to the brutality and pain inflicted upon the victim.

"The sadistic pleasure you took from it are chilling," she said.

Judge Clare said it may never be known if the alleged confession of the victim was true, but even if it was, the court could not condone vengeance.

"It tears at the very fabric of a civilised society," she said.

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