SWEET: Mango has made the new emoji list
SWEET: Mango has made the new emoji list Eliza Goetze

Mangoes, rangas and roos make the cut.

GET your smartphones at the ready as the gaping hole in the emoji selection is about to be addressed.

Worldwide authority for emojis, Unicode, has just announced the release of its first mango emoji. And not before time.

Can you believe there was a broccoli emoji before a mango one? Seriously people? It's a safe bet no one has ever texted their partner to race down to the super and buy a box of new season's broccoli.

Also making the cut this time is the llama, skateboards and toilet paper.

The mango emoji addition was encouraged by the social media campaign #mangoemojiplease, funded by Aussie mango growers through Hort Innovation during the 2016/7 season.

Elisa King from Hort Innovation said she knew a mango emoji would appeal to consumers from the get-go.

"It's very exciting for Australian mangoes and particularly for growers,” Ms King said.

"There are about six billion emojis sent on a daily basis and with so many fruit emojis, it is about time one of Australia's favourite fruit has its own one.”

At the end of the season, based on the support of the hashtag social media campaign, a proposal was made to the international Unicode Consortium (the worldwide authority for emojis) to introduce the mango emoji in their next official update.

Good news for texters, mangoes are not the only Aussie icon that has been added to the list. The kangaroo has been turned into an emoji too.

In addition to introducing redheads and grey hair, Unicode has also expanded its range of hairstyles by adding a bald option and curly-haired option into the mix.

The mango emoji season will start in June.

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