Man who drove at pedestrian 'just having a joke'

HE DELIBERATELY drove a car at a pedestrian, but James Gordon Horton maintains there was "no way in the world" anyone could have been hit.

Although the Mount Morgan man said he was just "having a joke", he wasn't laughing as a magistrate handed him a prison sentence.

Horton was convicted of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle after pleading guilty in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Friday.

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Police prosecutor Julie Marsden said Horton was driving in Mount Morgan at 12.50pm on May 8 when he pulled over to let his wife and child out of the car.

She said Horton then drove to an intersection, where pedestrians were waiting to cross the road.

The court heard Horton accelerated and aimed his vehicle at a pedestrian as one of them started to cross the intersection.

Ms Marsden said the pedestrian "literally jumped out of the path of the vehicle to avoid being struck".

She said Horton then drove on to the wrong side of the road, almost hitting a power pole.

James Gordon Horton leaves Rockhampton Magistrates Court.
James Gordon Horton leaves Rockhampton Magistrates Court.

A complaint was made to police and Ms Marsden said CCTV footage confirmed what had happened.

Ms Marsden said a young person riding a skateboard could be seen crossing the intersection just moments before Horton accelerated.

She said Horton told officers he was "having a bit of fun" and if he had wanted to hit the pedestrian, he would have.

It's a sentiment Horton stuck to in court, telling Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll he "thought we were mucking around".

"I thought he was having a joke as well," he said.

"There was no way in the world I could have hit him."

But, Horton did concede it was "a silly thing to do".

Mr O'Driscoll said driving a car at someone was "not much of a joke" and something the pedestrian obviously didn't find funny.

Horton was sentenced to four months' imprisonment with immediate parole.

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